The sky was black and filled with tiny silver holes

Green Man 2010 – John Grant

Well, another monsoon-like Green Man survived, and here I am soggy but unbowed, with a fist full of decent recordings and shaky videos to share with all.

This year, I’d togged myself up impressively with extra batteries and a fab new charger for my ancient iRiver recorder, (even if I was, again, woefully unprepared for the amount of rain that fell on the first two days of the festival). All of which means that I’ve got a few whole sets to share and a greater range of artists.

Unfortunately, there were a few casualties of my accustomed cack-handedness (notably a great evening in the Chai Wallah tent, in the company of the Gentleman’s Dub Club, and a surprisingly upbeat performance from Tindersticks. That one a great shame…). My mic seems also to have been a casualty of the conditions, going all mono for the last few recordings, and it may mean that a great set from Field Music and a patchy one from Lone Wolf are unsaveable…

I’ll start with two of the very best sets of the weekend…

John Grant

I’ve been pretty luke-warm about Grant’s Queen of Denmark since it came out (minority of one, it seems) but I have to say his set was very good indeed, very strong, and one that looked even better considering some of the nervous, rain-affected performances that followed.

There was a huge turn out for him, which showed the extent the record has taken off and must have been encouraging, (all the more so considering it was throwing it down at that point). He went through a good few Queen of Denmark tracks and included a couple of Czars songs that I didn’t know.

Playing solo for much of the set and only ever accompanied by one other feller, he went down well. The curious were converted and the luke-warm rehabilitated. I resolve to give the album another few listens…

I don’t think I recorded the whole set (I missed an acapello version of Chicken Bones, and maybe one other track), but here are the tracks I did get:


You Don’t Have To

Sigourney Weaver

I Wanna Go To Marz

Where Dreams Go To Die

It’s Easier

Outer Space

I also took this video of You Don’t Have To:

(Still think he sounds uncomfortably like Barry Manilow…)

Avi Buffalo to follow…

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