The moon is on its back tonight…

Green Man ’10 – Lone Wolf

Life’s a muddy Tupperware container of constant surprises eh?

This was always going to be the last whole set from Green Man I was going to post (I sense attentions are wandering…), and I had it pencilled in to be the Beirut one. I’d been looking forward to seeing Zac Condon’s team ever since they were announced (in fact I bought my ticket for Green Man ’07 on the strength of Beirut’s – eventually cancelled – appearance). Celebrations in the Porpoise household when the ’10 line up was announced…

It was a pretty good set too, but unfortunately my recording isn’t that great, full of pops and whooshes (it was throwing it down at the time) and the details of a conversation the two idiots in front of me continued throughout the evening (hanging’s too good…). Not to worry. As part of The Boy’s A level celebrations, we have two tickets to Beirut’s only other English concert this summer…

Lone Wolf

One of the other bands I was very much looking forward to seeing, however, was Bella Union’s Lone Wolf (already talked about them, here). I love their record, The Devil and I, with its beautiful melodies and bitter lyrics; and had been anticipating Sunday’s performance.

When it came to it, however, I was really disappointed. They did the songs from the record plus a bold cover of Scott Walker’s “The Old Man’s Back Again”, but the sound seemed awful – the drums up far too high and the bass/cello cavernous and overbearing. It really didn’t seem to do justice to the crisp melancholy of the record.

But here’s the thing, the recording’s great! I have no idea what was going on in my head – I must’ve had socks in my ears or something – because none of the overpowering bass-ness of the performance (as I remembered it) seemed to come over onto the tape. Go figure…

So here it is, for me a recording of a completely different set from the one I saw. I dunno… go (as they say) figure.

This is War

Buried Beneath the Tiles



Dead River

The Old Man’s Back Again

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

The Devil and I

And while we’re at it, here’s some video I took of “Letters”, again much clearer and crisper than my jaded ears remembered.

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