When all is said and all is done, you always were the only one, who understood the way this song, is sung

There’s been a bit of feedback on this year’s Green Man, some of it here (a lot more of it elsewhere) and for all the good stuff I saw this year, the band that are getting all the plaudits I missed altogether…


… which is weird, really, because now I come to listen to them, this is a band who are almost PP-by-numbers. Anyone who’s spent anytime on any of the 263 posts over the four and a half years I’ve been plugging away will know that there are certain key words that ring bells and feature regularly. “Banjos”, “beards” and “pedal steel guitars” are a few prominent ones (“cack-handed” might be another…).

As I listen to “Volunteers” from the new record “Heretofore”, due to be released next week, I find myself scratching my head in some bewilderment. How the hell did I miss this? It’s perfect!

“Sunlight silhouette, dogwood trees

Swaying all alone in the Caroline breeze.

I ask for your hand you ask for “please”

Tell me now, girl, this the way it’s gonna be?”

It sounds like it might have been lifted straight out of The Greatest Record Ever, doesn’t it?. It’s a beautiful song about two people at a crossroads, as cleverly phrased as any I can think of right now and lovingly framed in sloppy country guitar-picking and slide.  It’s Hardcore Americana.

Some hasty research reveals that there are two other records available (downloading as I speak…), and this is the third in as many years. The last record, Gather, Form & Fly, collected some fine reviews from the likes of Mojo and Rolling Stone and an impressive 8.1 from the niggardly misers at Pitchfork.

Here’s a couple of clips of the band performing songs that are on the new release:

Really kicking myself I missed them at Green Man…

Volunteers is available as a download from Hometapes Records, (and it looks like they have some other good artists there too), or you can take it here:

Volunteers – Megafaun

It’s a doozer!

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