OK, so I feel bad about being gone so long.

Here’s something else I found in an idle emusic moment. Damn fine it is too…

About a month ago I made a post about dubstep act Mount Kimbie and, as a gentleman of a certain age, drew some good natured ribbing about it too. Fair enough. Well here we go again.

James Blake

James Blake is apparently something of a maverick figure on the, ahem, UK Grime scene, producing a number of exciting EPs in the past year or so, and has just made another release in the same vein, Klavierwerke.

It’s four tracks of glitchy, funkiness injected with a similar dose of spookiness that I enjoyed in the Burial records. Floating across, beneath and within his fidgety rhythms, are a series of disembodied, distorted voices, flitting in and out of cover like little spirits. Sometimes they disappear, to return later, sometimes everything stops…

There’s piano chords coming in and out too in similar fashion and the whole thing has quite an eerie feel to it. The cover is a weird affair too, with Blake (I presume) in some sort of blurred double exposure, which reminds me of the hallucinations Tim Robbins is plagued by in Jacob’s Ladder.

I remember reading in Wire magazine an interview with the feller behind the Burial records and being impressed by his suggestion that buildings, cities and thoroughfares can harbour echoes of the past that bounce undetected about the cityscape. And it’s easy to imagine the same inspiration behind the James Blake tracks. As I said there are a bunch of other EPs for me to study and I’m rather looking forward to doing so.

In the meantime…

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