Great Acts I Have Missed (pt3) – H Hawkline

This is more a told-you-so, getting-in-on-the-ground-floor sort of a post than anything of real substance. Fact is I haven’t found an awful lot available on the net by this feller…

H Hawkline

Sometimes, I wonder what I was actually doing at Green Man this year. Yeah, I caught some great sets, did some videoing and recording and indulged in a modest amount of drinking, but Green Man ’10 is increasingly being characterised for me by the acts I missed…

Already spoken about Megafaun and Sweet Baboo, both of whom played, both of whom I missed and both of whom I’ve subsequently spent a lot of time listening to. Turns out, I missed another gem in H Hawkline.

H Hawkline are a loose bunch of musicians grouped around guitarist Huw Evans. Sometimes he is joined by Sweet Baboo, as he did at Green Man. Sometimes he works solo.

He plays a mesmerising series of acoustic guitar pieces, sometimes augmented electronically, sometimes lyrically. Throughout, he tends to work a pattern of notes and chords, which has tended to mean that the phrase Kraut-rock seems to follow him around. As a guitarist I think he sounds something like the late Davey Graham and as an arranger he reminds me of David Thomas Broughton, with a si ilar amount of obsessive pops, whistles and samples.

Amazingly I can’t find any YouTube of H Hawkline (wilfully perverse, I calls it…), and the only video I can find is here at Wales Online (won’t let me embed it here, I’m afraid), performing From Her Eyes as a session. There are four tracks to listen to on the MySpace page and NME posted the following track too, which is pretty interesting…

Gelly – H Hawkline

He’s actually supporting Gruff Rhys for a few dates this month, and is due a release out on Shape Records soon. Both of which suggest to me that we should be hearing more of him in the coming weeks.

(Told you so…)

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