Remixes: Can be quite good. Who knew?

I’ve tended to classify the whole idea of the remix as one of those things that we don’t really need, usually put together by people with too much time on their hands, inflicting their “art” on an innocent public (cf Blogging, an indispensable part of today’s culture, produced by hard-pressed, right-thinking folk, that you’d willing buy a drink were you to meet them in your local hostelry…)

Anyway, once again one of the tenets I’ve clung fondly to for a number of years has been undermined by a fairly new remix that has been released this month. A remix of one of the highlights of the Tame Impala record, InnerSpeaker, “Lucidity” has appeared. It’s been given some sort of grooved treatment by French producer Pilooski, which is quite listenable really. Have a listen:

Now, I’m not going to pretend I have the faintest idea who Pilooski is, or even if the picture here is actually him (I kinda hope it is, but then, if you put it on your MySpace page…). I’m also not going to pretend that Mr Pilooski’s chosen penname isn’t anything other than daft, and of course the original is a real stonker, which I’ve written about before, but the remix isn’t bad at all.

In the interests of setting my world view back onto its axis, here’s a great track that just didn’t need to be remixed and re-released:

And here’s the Nike-sponsored 2010 version, released to coincide with the 2010 World Cup. OK, I suppose, but worth doing? Really?:

I feel a Jorge Ben post coming on…

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