Tristram at Calmer

In an effort to shrug off the popular perception that this Blog is all about beards, banjos and beer, I broke with tradition somewhat when I went along to Calmer* in Cheltenham last Friday. Yes there were beards and, yes there were banjos, but for the evening I stuck resolutely to cider, and was able to kid myself that I was viewing events in an entirely different light.

Maybe not.

I haven’t been to a Calmer evening for quite a long time now, and it was very pleasant to get back into the  terrifically cool surroundings of the Slak Bar once again. And although, it’s been my feeling that the evenings have been in a bit of a decline of recent years, Friday’s fare went someway to restoring my faith in an event that used to be keenly anticipated over here.


First up was a young guitarist sporting a Byrds hair cut and skinny jeans, and leading a band that included a cellist, bassist and a busy drummer. To be honest he reminded me a bit of Fionn Regan at times, and had a number of really charming, slightly melancholic songs in his satchel. They were all arranged pretty well, and the effect of some of the cello work in particular was to leave a rather haunting feel to the set. I believe there are a couple of EPs to be had and the prospect of an album on the way too. Keep an eye on his MySpace

Anyway, have a watch… (not one of mine, but actually recorded the day after in Cardiff)

Made a few recordings, though, and they’re OK, really…


Dust Disturbed

Rhyme or Reason

Actually, they were only lined up to be the support band, but I would have been happy at that. It was a fine set. I’ll post about the second band of the night, tomorrow, I think, and leave Tristram to bask in the PP spotlight for an evening at least…

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  1. ArthManual
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 21:26:41

    Hey! Mr.Porpoise, Tell me, where in Cheltenham is the Slak Bar? sounds groovy. I used to live in Cheltenham back in the 90’s. I went back for a visit last summer & struggled to find a nice place with bearded types, this Slak Bar sounds perfect for the next time i visit 🙂


  2. ArthManual
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 15:44:04

    Cheers! will keep it in mind for next time.

    And Apologies if you did make it to Zero Degrees & find no bearded Welsh men there. We arrived a little later than planned & couldnt pass Rise record shop without a look-in, sank a quick pint at The Woods which is closer to the venue. Hope the gig was good for you as it was for me, look forward to reading about it on your Blog. Guess we’ll have to arrange a better meeting next time, possibly Green Man.


  3. ArthManual
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 20:20:36

    Yep! i got my Green Man ticket, most defo we’ll meet then. Not doing the Decemberists, but when i was at Rise the record shop, i noticed that John Grant was doing an in-store gig, but he’s also that night playing St. George’s on the 28th of March, might do that. But i most definitely want to see WU LYF at Start The Bus in Brizzle on the 21st of March. Fancy it?


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