Colonise the Moon…

Why does life just whip by sometimes and others, drags and limps along like some dead animal?

I meant to get the second half of the Calmer recording out at the weekend before another gig. It never happened, and now I find myself almost a week late with it and a full three days late on some words about Gruff Rhys. Ho hum.

Worst of all, however, is that my near-legendary cack-handedness means that I somehow came away from a really great gig with absolutely no recordings of it or any of the brilliant set played by support band and PP favourites Y Niwl. (Although I did manage to record a conversation I had about Bo Diddley…) Disaster…

Worth saying though, that Gruff Rhys is a national treasure. He was funny, wacky and profound in turn, bewilderingly so at times. Third time I’ve seen him now and I’d go again tomorrow… We were also treated to a bit of a who’s who of whimsical Welsh pop. Not only were the surf sounds of support band Y Niwl fun and, well, boss, they were also excellent backing Rhys with his own set. Spoke to guitarist Alun Evans during the interval  and he was a really charming feller, enjoying immensely the whole Gruff Rhys experience and hinting at an appearance at Green Man this year. Onstage the band were serious about what hey did but likeable, and I found especially endearing the way Evans gave an infectious little clenched fist at the end of his set. Nailed it!

On top of that we were treated to a couple of cameos from a couple of other PP favourites in Sweet Baboo and Cate le Bon. Spoiled, we were…

Other highlights of the evening were a new selection of electronic thingamajigs, punctuating a lot of the songs, strong performances of most of the songs off the new album and a belting 20-minute version of Skylon. Wow!

Fortunately, some kind soul has already posted a video from the evening to rescue the situation. Many thanks Mwnghawk!

Thinking about it would be hardly fair for poor old Laish to share a post with a madcap genius like this, I’ll return to Calmer tomorrow…

Soon anyway…

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ArthManual
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 21:24:29

    Oh! Man, nice find Sweeny, sorry but i’m gonna have to steal this Gruff video for my Blog, it was a classic moment/night.

    Wu Lyf are a Manchester band, took me a few months to find that out, not much out there about them, very myterious.

    Yes i’am on Twitter, but yet to tweet, just not got round to it yet. Maybe this is the reason why i should.Do you go by the same name PP on Twitter? I’ll search you.


  2. ArthManual
    Mar 03, 2011 @ 21:58:37

    Result! I found my Twitter, think i’ll start using it.!/ArthManual


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