I’m a Sensitive Soul…

Ho hum… Nothing like striking when the iron is, er, hot…

This has taken me far too long and I feel like I owe the fine members of Laish a bit of an apology – they played a terrific set at Calmer, nearly two weeks ago and somehow still the recordings are yet to appear.

Let’s sort this out.


Laish and Tristram seem to be inextricably linked as they gig regularly together, share a drummer and at least two other members of Tristram play in the Laish set. Hard to tell at times where one ends and the other begins.

Liash do have a sound that is clearly distinguishable from Tristram, however, and this is because of the rich thoughtful songs that leader Dan produces.  Modern folk songs I thought of them as, handsomely accompanied by banjo, guitar, the occasional horn and soft harmonies.  They also played with a certain style and conviction that I felt Tristram didn’t quite match. I love it when people do their thing and just don’t give a damn what people say…

Here’s some video shot at Slak, but from last year. Beards and banjos, (but not bearded banjo players…)

Here are the recordings I made (apologies for the drunken ramblings you can hear in the foreground, some of them mine…):

Song on a Transition

A Happy Accident


Warmth and Humility

(Decemberists tonight…)

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