Swinging Addis – Seventies Style

One of the pleasures of #lpgroup is that it encourages you to revisit some of your favourite records, and to discover some new ones. And in some cases both.

This month’s topic is Neither UK Nor US, so obviously there’ve been some Nick Cave, Bjork and Sugarcubes mentions – all good stuff – but I thought I’d go for something else and one of the records I nominated was my copy of Volume 8 of the Ethiopiques series: Swinging Addis. Not sure if anyone’s going to go for it but it sure as hell woke me up. What a cracking record – all James Brown brass and wacka-wacka guitars combined with fuzztone lead and the most amazing fluttering breathless Amharic vocals. It really is a winner.

Predictably, the choice of Seventies Amharic funk-rock is a little thin on YouTube, but there is this by Alemayehu Eshete, who seemed to have been a bit of a legend of the times. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot (or indeed anything) about this record – not even sure of the name. Have fun.

(I have no idea what’s happening around 2:30 – but I like it!)

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