I’ve seen you crying, I’ve seen you holding your head by the wall

Belting new record taken from Emusic this week (by “new” I mean at least six months old, you understand…). I love this.

I wasn’t really aware of Grasscut at all but downloaded their record after a few recommendations on Twitter, and what a record it is. I guess you’ve got to say they owe something to bands like Tunng, but they’ve turned the glitchy folk dial right up to 11. It’s all playful, unpredictable…tuneful stuff.

Not going to pretend I know all about them, or that I was there first, (anyway it’s not a competition, is it?) but, really, have a listen to this…

This plus a couple of other tracks was originally available as a free download from Ninja Tune but I think you’ve gotta be a lot quicker than me to have caught that – I’m sure if you look hard enough…

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