What’s so wrong with just a little fun?

Dagnabbit, another recording goes begging…

I think the time may have come for my venerable old iRiver to go and do the decent thing. Completely unilaterally (I swear) the cussed old bugger switched to its (frankly worthless) internal mic, rather than my wonderful skytronic stealth one. The results are just unlistenable.

(A hot bath and a Frankie Five Angels set of razor blades await…)

The Wild Beasts

Terrific evening at a gratifyingly packed Guildhall Friday night, with the Wild Beasts breezing into town. I’ve seen the Wild Beasts before, but they’ve grown a little bigger since then – Two Dancers getting a Mercury Nomination, I believe –  and there’s a general feeling that the new album, which I’m ashamed to say I’ve not yet heard, is going to be The Big One.

I’d been rushing around all day and was actually later getting along than I like to be, so I missed most of the support band Summer Camp’s set. I’ve seen them before and I remember thinking at the time that there’s a good idea in there but it’s just not being done very well. I caught the last three songs, including their strongest song Ghost Train, but I still feel this is pretty much the case. The procession of people coming and going during their set tended to confirm this…

No matter because there was a general Hail Fellow Well Met feel to the evening, as I met a good few old friends and a few of my newer Twitter playmates for the first time, which was all good fun.

Soon enough the Wild Beasts came on to a huge reception and were modest and apparently genuinely surprised to see so many folk there. I’ve said before, I appreciate this; good manners cost nothing eh? The set was great, the new record being heavily featured of course, but there were a good few from Two Dancers and even Limbo Panto too. On balance I prefer their faster, funkier songs, and when they get their lumbering, galumphing rhythm on they are absolutely beguiling, but some of the newer slower songs are good listening too.

Unfortunately, as I’ve alluded to my ancient recording gear let me down, and I’m afraid The Wild Beasts @ the Guildhall is destined to be another great lost recording moment (joining some pretty illustrious company, really – Anthony & the Johnsons  Colston Hall, Gruff Rhys @ St Georges and Lee Perry, Colston hall again). All a little embarrassing as I’d said to more than one person that they could listen to the recordings afterwards. Ho hum.

I’ve had a root around, though, and found some recordings that I made back in October 2009 when I saw them at Thekla, before the release of Two Dancers I think, and they’re pretty good. Most of the songs featured on Friday (apart from Clairvoyants, one of my favourites) and are interesting listening for some early versions of some WB standards.

The Funpowder Plot

We Still Got the Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues

All the King’s Men

Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants

Please, Sir

This is our Lot

Hooting and Howling

Devil’s Crayon

Empty Nest

So maybe, if we all close our eyes, we can pretend this latest outbreak of cack-handedness never happened…

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