What you know you’ve never been is really just a shame…

I’ve been casting envious glances at the End of the Road festival line up this year, and with new acts added daily it seems (latest being Phosphorescent), my Green Man ticket with its implicit promise of rain has at times looked a little thin this week…I know, I know, it’s all about the people really, and I’ll certainly have a good time, but Green Man’s line up of established bands does look a bit meagre this year.

It only takes a look back at PP posts over the last year to remind me, however, that GM is really all about the bands you will be getting into next year; and with no Flaming Lips or Wilco to be distracted by I can concentrate on new stuff. I remember, last Autumn, enthusing about a whole string of bands on these pages that it turned out I’d missed that August, whilst my gaze was otherwise diverted.

With these and other heartening words ringing in my ears, I’ve been stepping up my GM homework, and with the aid of (the similarly unfairly maligned) emusic I’ve been hoovering up some new stuff, and making some new friends that I hope to see this summer. Recently, the Turtles-y Treefight for Sunlight are making their way onto my list of wanna-sees, alongside Bleeding heart Narrative, H Hawkline, Y Niwl, the Low Anthem the Antlers and all the obvious stuff.

Elbowing all aside, however, are this lot…


I’m getting fed up of silly names and daft spellings to be honest, but that aside Suuns are sitting pretty atop my list right now. I’ve bought their record, Zeroes QC (apparently they used to be called Zeroes) and it’s a really interesting, odd release, full of prancing rhythms, metallic drones and garage punk leanings. At times they sound like Clinic, and others Holy Fuck and Neu.

Lyrically, they’re pretty hard to follow, sometimes appearing to sing nonsense and others so muffled as to wonder what language they’re speaking at all. To be honest the word I’d want to use about their manner would be “alien” if it didn’t conjure all sorts of silly Bowie / Numan-esque images of daft young men who should know better. So I won’t be doing that. Oh no.

Watch this, instead…

And if you’re still here, this…

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