Whirring little spinners that tickled the rough of my hands…

Well, it’s been an interesting week, involving quite a lot of work, a broken elbow and a trip to Thekla.

Which would you like to hear about? I thought so…

Avi Buffalo @ Thekla

The aforementioned elbow, with arm in sling, meant I was feeling a bit ginger as Martin and I made our way below deck and bought drinks. We were met with the sight of Master Buffalo himself manning his own merch stall, which is kinda stirring when it’s the likes of David Gedge or Laura Cantrell, but even more charming here, when it became clear that, although I see Avi Buffalo as a bit of a star, he clearly doesn’t.

We chatted and when Martin mentioned that we’d seen him play at Green Man and that I’d recorded it, he seemed keen to hear it and gave me his email address. Altogether charming and one of a long line of Polite Americans, we seem to meet.

Support acts were …OK-ish, though I’ll not be rushing to see Admiral Fallow at Green Man this summer, all a bit folk-by-numbers, nothing particularly interesting or different there. (Plus, they took an age to set up. Unforgiveable). The first band, Tripwires fromReading, were certainly derivative (UK shoegaze etc) but far more engaging and seemed to have a song or two up their sleeves. I quite enjoyed their set.

Avi Buffalo shambled on at about 9:45, looking laid back and casual, and I believe sporting something of a new line up sinceGreenMan.He had mentioned a new guitarist, George and a bassist, Barbara who I have to say was excellent. Starting the evening with the new single, How Come? and moving through a mixture of old and new material , he went on to play a pretty unpredictable set, some of it brilliant and some of it, well,  less so.

He didn’t appear to have a setlist, making decisions on the spur of the moment. He introduced one song with a less than promising “So, I’ve been doing a lot of coke lately.” and hurtled off on another tangent, dragging his poor band off with him. They looked to be struggling at times…

I thought the best performances were some of the (really strong) songs from his old record, although he did seem to be tiring of some of them and was looking for ways to freshen them up (not always successfully).

At the time, I wasn’t impressed with the new material, but on further listens, it’s actually growing on me pretty strongly. I reckon he’s been listening to a fair amount of Arthur Lee, and probably some Zappa or Beefheart too. I do reckon it needs a bit of tightening up, though but that’s OK, I don’t think the new record’s due until Autumn.

Having said all this, the hits outnumbered the misses – the man is obviously dripping with ideas, and the talent to match them. His song writing is interesting, his guitar technique by turns delicate and ungainly and his reedy vocals still spellbinding. I still love him, and I’m hopeful that his second album will be a worthy cohort to the best record of last year.

I made some recordings which have largely come out OK, and I’m posting some of my favourite tracks. There’s more if anyone’s interested.

Five Little Sluts

Weatherman Says

Won’t be around no more

How Come?

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jörg
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 06:59:23

    H there – would be happy to hear your other recordings of the concert


  2. partlyporpoise
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 20:24:55

    OK, here’s the link to a .RAR file with all 13 tracks (the last track is actually three songs segued together…) Enjoy!



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