All this talk of death has really brightened up the week

One of my periodic resolutions of how I’m going to improve this site, is to try to keep in touch with some of the bands I’ve gone on about at different times. There are a number of bands I’ve waxed lyrical about on these pages and then barely given a second thought to afterwards. Seems a shame. I’m afraid this is a bit of a feature of my record buying in general – I get one record but often go no further – hardly a completist…

So, anyway.

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Saw this lot in Cheltenham in November ’09, and really enjoyed a very powerful and intense performance, particularly by wild-eyed, “you looking at ma girlfriend?” vocalist, Adam Thompson. Wrote about it here.

Well, the Jetpacks have a new record coming out in October, an album called “In the Pit of the Stomach” on Fat Cat records, and in exchange for your email address, you can get yourself one of the tracks from it. The track is called Act on Impulse and dwells on familiar Jetpack territory of claustrophobia and disappointment, with a full compliment of Wild Beast-ish guitar and powerful rhythms.

You can pick it up here. Looking forward to the album…

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