Which you which you which you can’t explain to me

Ah… Another Green Man has come and gone, and one of the very best it was. Possibly the best weather of all, and some great company, plus a bunch of new and old friends met there. Ahhhhh…

I have a wheelbarrow full of a recordings I’m going to bore you with, but this time I’m going to get them out quickly (no more waiting for the muse to visit) as, for once, (get this…) a few people are actually waiting to hear them (can you imagine?). Less words, more recordings!

Loads of terrific sets but surely the very best, and the best I’ve seen all year was this one…


I’d never heard of this band of Montreal lads until fairly recently, but a few weeks of GM homework had made this set one of the most keenly anticipated amongst our group. And they were just … terrific – hectic, swirling, stuttering and above all really loud.


Suuns do a frenzied mix of garage-y guitars, really tight techno and weird special effects which I found irresistible. I think when I wrote about them a few weeks ago, I tried to fashion some sort of otherworldly feel to the record which was kind of still there – the lyrics were obscure and hard to hear, the lighting smothered them in garish colours and smoke and there was that implausible volume As well as this, though, they were also pretty human, ladish too – young, energetic, overconfident. A proper band in every sense…

A great, great set.

Armed for Peace



Up Past the Nursery



Pie IX

Sweet Nothing

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