Generals have fought for spies like you

Dashed off to Thekla the other night, in the distinguished company of habitual gig-buddy Coleser, ostensibly to see Canadian rock icons theBesnardLakes, but in reality much more excited by the prospect of seeing fellow Canucs, the magnificent Suuns.

In the end, it really was a dash from the car park to stage side as we heard promising sounds eddying from the famous old boat, and just about made it on time.

I love Suuns; and I may as well say now that Zeroes QC may well be my favourite record of the year. They were great (and phenomenally loud) at Green Man and the prospect of seeing them bring their blend of edgy, sneery, post-punk tunes to a small dark space was truly mouth-watering. Numbers were disappointingly thin, though, and the atmosphere never quite got going which was a terrific shame, really. It was all over rather too soon, as well, the briefest of half hours disappearing in a flash (an edgy, sneery, post-punk flash, mind).

Having said that, the songs were good, and they played “Bambi” which was a new one to me, although I think it’s out as a single or something. I just couldn’t believe it was all over before it really began…

In due course, the place filled up, theBesnardLakescame on and did their thing, which was pretty good in places, but a bit dull at times. They’ve certainly got some strong songs and there’s a lot to be said for being immersed in high-volume noise for an hour or so, but none of their new material (what there was of it) really impressed.

Apart from that, not a lot to be said, apart from the obvious fact that Jace Lasek looks like Ian Hunter, and the less obvious fact that beneath his shades he appeared to be wearing eye make-up. Ho-hum…

I recorded some of the set, and I’ll leave you with a couple of mementoes of the evening (one new track and a couple of great favourites)

Bambi – Suuns

Arena – Suuns

Disaster – Besnard Lakes

Up against a wall I heard a sound – it woke me up









Came across this record on Emusic earlier in the week…


Chris Taylor (not a name I knew, I’ll be honest, but presumably you knew he was the bass player with Grizzly Bear), has put out a record of his own under the name CANT.

Now, I come to think of it, I could do with a new Grizzly Bear record – I loved Veckatimest, and they were terrific the couple of times I saw them the summer before last – but I gather they’re on a bit of a sabbatical at the moment, so this ‘ll have to do.

Actually, this’ll do very nicely, because although all the reviews I’ve read make a bit of a thing about it being very different to Veckatimest, it doesn’t sound a million miles away from a Grizzly Bear release to me. True Dreams Come True doesn’t have quite the same fuzzy warmth as his day job – it’s got a sleaker, more technical feel to it – but the same ethereal song writing skills are in evidence and the willingness to play around with new sounds is, if possible, even more to the fore. There’s even a bit of a groove in a good few of the tracks…

Stand-out tracks are Bang and She Found a Way Out, but I can imagine one or two others are going to gently rise to the surface in the next few days.




Very nice record indeed, but will it tide me over until  the next Grizzly Bear offering… ?

Everything will be better in Chicago…

Tom Wait’s new record is a belter…