I know where you’re going, I’ve been there…

A series of fortuitous accidents at the even more haphazard than usual Emusic has put me in a very pleasant position. It involves a build up of credits, an absolutely catastrophic “redesign” and some tale-between-the-legs generosity from said site and it all means that I am flush with money and credits to spend on new music right now. Coupled with dozens of end-of-year lists to study, it’s a busy old time at PP.

But I’m bearing up…

Suddenly I’ve got five absolute belters tussling with each other on my iPhone, scrabbling for position on iTunes and pulling allsorts of unethical stunts to get heard on the car stereo. It’s a bloodbath, here, I’ll tell you.

So, I’m thinking as it’s December, I’ll try and bundle them all up into some sort of “Ones to watch…” mish-mash over the next few days.

Here goes…

Stripped Off (and ready to come on):

Pure X

(With apologies to Arth, who was there well beforeme. Again…)

Pure X are a bluesy, psychy trio fromAustin,Texas, land of the outlandish – Roky Erikson, the Elevators, Janis Joplin, the Moving Sidewalks, I think. Some boast.

On their debut album, Pleasure, they plough through a series of murky, reverb-heavy tunes that sound almost as if they’ve been recorded underwater. This is actually a good sound and altogether a good thing in my book. The record reminded me at first of the Grouper record of a few years ago, but it’s actually got a bit more form to it, being driven on by a sequence of insistent, inquisitive bass lines that give it a bit more identity, (also allowing me to avoid using the word “ethereal”).

Vocals are distorted like the guitars and mostly impossible to work out, but again, I’m ok with that too. Their clumsy inarticulacy fits in well with the deliberate ham-fistedness of the whole record. There’s more than a little Jesus & Mary Chain in there…

High points are “Surface” with its syrupy, relentless trudge; Heavy Air (now there’s a song title which is a statement of intent) and Twisted Mirror (some actual lyrics on this one), but it’s all great.

Here’s Twisted Mirror from their Soundcloud page:

And here’s the official video for “Surface”

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