2011 – A Few (non-music) Lists

2011 – Seven WooHoos!

Gloucester winning the Anglo-Welsh Cup – hugely devalued since its heyday in the Seventies, but silverware, goldarnit!

Mad Men – a Christmas boxset from The Boy that I’ve ambled through in fits and starts all year. Stylish, complex and occasionally perverse. Gosh, those folk can smoke!

Lionel Messi – 209 goals in 7½ seasons (including 100 in the last two seasons alone), three Champions League winner’s medals and five La Liga medals, all before his 25th birthday. Looking like the best ever…

Sara Lund – We love the Killing in our house, enjoying immensely her dogged resolve, social awkwardness and flexible attitude to her family. The jumpers are just a bonus really…

Twenty Twelve – The fly on the wall spoof documentary, that is.

“Can you do it for Friday?”

“Yeah, no problem…….. What, this Friday?”

Twitter / LPGroup – still enjoying the virtual company of like-minded folk, and meeting more of them for real, like, in the flesh (and finding them to be top notch ladies and gents). LPGroup continues to be fun as well and is open to all-comers. All those bores denigrating Twitter need to get less of a life and start tweeting.

Serie A – Forget all the stuff about catenaccio, match-fixing and  nil-nil being the perfect result, Italian football is currently exciting, skilful and, in contrast to most European Leagues, a genuine competition these days. God bless ESPN!

2011 – Seven Dohs!

Missing End of the Road – Green Man was great, but the line up was nowhere near as strong, and there were a few acts I would have loved to have seen. I shall be playing hard to get with my £130 next year.

Not having a season ticket for the rugby this year – no protest or anything, just tightening the belt after packing my job in. Still got to a good few games, but missed standing in the Shed.

Recordings – far too many lost recordings this year – Gruff Rhys / Y Niwl atSt George’s, Wild Beasts at the Guildhall, Toots & the Maytals atBristolAcademy, joined the ranks of LCD Soundsystem, Lee Perry andAntony and theJohnstons in the file marked Recordings that Never Were. Also a good few recordings that I made and am still to investigate, including a load that a friend made for me at End of the Road.

The retirement of an old friend – linked to the one above really. My old iRiver H120 was eventually dumped for a younger more attractive gadget that really understands me. Don’t think I feel good about it. It’s not you, it’s me…

8-2 – Disgraceful, shameful. (Thankfully all in the past)

Breaking my elbow – falling off a child’s chair, fifteen minutes before class started. A source of amusement to some…

X Factor; Britain’s Got Talent; Strictly I’m a Celeb etc – Take a good long look at yourself eh?

Seven Overused Words on the Blog

– not making any extravagant promises but…




Green Man




Seven Underused Words in 2011

– will try to rectify some of these


Lucky Seven


End of the Road

Calmer / Slak /GloucesterGuildhall



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