Move over, little dog, ’cause the big dog’s moving in!

Where to start with all this? (I’m really terribly behind…)

Well, since I last posted I’ve been to three gigs, all of them very different to each other, and a couple of them not quite as great as I’d hoped, to be honest.

The Wiyos

Last time I posted, I think I was going off to see the Wiyos in Bristolamid high hopes and fond memories of a fantastic evening at Slack. The  evening was ok but not quite as amazing as I think we’d all hoped. Seems as if the Wiyos have all growed up, and along the way shed two of the three original members. Gone are the original bass and rhythm players, although the manic stylings of Michael Farkas still remain.

They have a record out, called Twist, based loosely on the Wizard of Oz storyline, which they performed throughout the evening. it was a pretty good listen but the whole evening lacked some of the crazy charm of the previous line up. I was very disappointed to see that the washboard seems to have been retired somewhere along the way.

Here’s a little video I shot, once they started to cut lose a little at the end, of Hank Williams’ Move It On Over.

Ah, well… you gotta let them grow up I guess…

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