Won’t Fear the Sun…

I’m beginning to get my teeth stuck into this pile of recordings left over from last summer, and finding some real gems…

Wooden Shjips

Somehow I missed this recording, again made by my good friend Marcus, again at End of the Road.  As before, can’t say a whole lot about the set, other than that the performance seems pretty faithful to the records (remarkably so, to be honest) and that the sound is a bit muddy (but that’s OK it kinda favours Ripley Jonson’s playing….)

I’ve only fairly recently grown to love Wooden Shjips, especially the haunting vocals and the equally spooky keyboards of Nash Whalen, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them at the Fleece in the summer. I like the sludgy, bass-driven sound they’ve fashioned (and keep returning to) and approve of the way they doggedly refuse to move on from it. Something very Sky Saxon and Daryl Hooper about it all…

Wooden Shjips @ End of the Road, 2011

Black Smoke Rise

Lazy Bones



For So Long

And while we’re at it…

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