Throw me in the landfill, don’t think about the consequences…

Phew! Easter, eh?

Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, all manner of rich fare on which to gorge yourself, (and then feel vaguely self-conscious about the extent to which you’ve over-indulged). A season of intemperance…

I was going to attempt some ill-advised metaphor along the lines of immoderate consumption of sugary substances being similar to overdosing on the rich Psych Fest sounds of Austin, Texas, etc, etc. …but frankly I can’t be arsed…

Let’s just agree that we all need a sharp little palate cleaner every now and again.


(Probably not my finest introduction for a band, made them sound like a green salad…)

Daughter are one of the myriad of waiting-to-be-discovered folksy gems that populate Green Man every year and make it such a damn fine weekend. If you click on the Daughter link, you’ll see words like “ethereal”, “pure”, “unadulterated” and (regrettably) “soundscapes” drifting languidly before your eyes, which kinda give you a starting point but don’t really do justice to the four tracks that make up their recent “His Young Heart” EP. Singer Elena Tonra certainly has a pure, alabaster voice that floats and flutters above her spidery, intricate guitar work, but the words are filled with bitter, (almost spiteful) regret and make a genuinely interesting contrast to the lush surroundings.

There’s quite a nice little piece about Daughter here.

The record is available from Emusic, but can also be streamed and bought from the Daughter Bandcamp page, and really you should.

Here’s the first track from “His Young Heart”, Landfill

Beguiling stuff,  for sure…

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