Lucky Seven 16 – Lloyd Brevett

(Hope this doesn’t seem a little opportunistic…)

Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett, legendary bassist of the legendary Skatalites, has died this weekend of a stroke, a fortnight after the murder of his son inJamaica. A tragic end to the life and career of one of the great figures of Jamaican music.

I’m not going to pretend I’m any sort of authority on Ska and Rocksteady, but there’s no mistaking the distinctive, playful tones of his “walking” string bass playing on all of the classic Skatalites songs and (such was their dominance of the Jamaican studios), most of the early ska classics of the era.

There are some decent obituaries, here, here (I like the quote from Bunny Wailer) and here; and an interesting interview with the man himself here.

I’d been meaning to resurrect my Lucky Seven thing for a while now; it’s a shame that it took the passing of the man to get me going. I’ve put together seven classy Brevett contributions for a special RIP Lucky Seven.

Lucky Seven 16 – Lloyd Brevett

Rock Steady –AltonEllis

Rudy, A Message to You – Dandy Livingstone

Dr Decker – the Skatalites

Corner Store – the Skatalites

Inez – LesterSterling/Tommy McCook

Lester’s Mood – the Skatalites

African Roots Dub – the Skatalites


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