If we can call them friends, then we can call them on their telephones

Wooden Shjips at the Fleece tomorrow night and I’m mightily looking forward to it. Should be a good night and all that, but as I was thinking about it the other night it made me realise that I’ve been sadly neglecting this Blog for some time now.

More pertinently, it made me realise that I have a rather nice set of recordings from the Andrew Bird gig I went to a few weeks ago, which have yet to see the light of day…

Andrew Bird

Mr Bird has made a rather sudden impression on our household, rising to the giddy heights of actually being liked by myself and also by Josie at the same time (very few artists, I can tell you…). On top of that theBristoldate at the Trinity Centre was during half term. Clearly meant to be…

I’ll be honest, it was a while ago, and a good few of the details are by now a little sketchy, (although the large double gramophone spinning crazily at the back of the stage does come to mind) but I’ll not go on. But I do remember being struck by what a phenomenal musician Andrew Bird clearly is. I’ve never seen anyone play violin in quite the same way as he does, switching between bowing and plucking within verses and with some judicious use of the old loop pedal and the ubiquitous whistling, it was a helluva  spectacle…

There’s some terrific footage on YouTube filmed by Knappafire which’ll give you a flavour

It was a lovely evening, warmly appreciated by an at times incredulous audience and now I find myself sitting here in my Andrew Bird t-shirt reflecting on it, one I wished I’d made more of.  It certainly deserved a little more than these hurried lines…

The recordings came out better than I expected and you could do far worse than give them a wee listen…


Orpheo Looks Back

Fatal Shore

Tables and Chairs

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