Just what you know, everything, doubt it…

Back in the early days when this blog was a young pup, I had the half-arsed notion to make this a new music thing, based loosely around bands that I might see locally and which were largely unsigned.

I kept to my original thought for a while but, well, over the years, the focus has drifted somewhat and the blog has developed more “organically” shall we say. Tonight though, let’s go a bit old school for a moment…


Towns are a new band, local to the West, and if not unsigned, definitely indie. Best of all I actually saw them the other week, opening at the Wooden Shjips evening, and really enjoyed their set. (All boxes ticked, then)

Towns are from Weston Super Mare and are with Howling Owl records. They have a couple of limited releases and are apparently garnering a little bit of praise around the Internet

With a definite nod to the Charlatans and Ride, they gave us an entertaining half hour or so at the feece, flinging guitars around, battering the hell out of drum kits and wantonly abusing the sound equipment all around. For a fleeting interlude they filled the space with waves of guitar and baggy drum sounds, which sent a bit of a jolt around the gathering faces. To be honest they deserved a larger group, and I’ll bet they can put on something of a show in front of a home crowd, and if I was a younger man….

I think their current single is the mod-ish “Just Everything”. It’s a belter and you can see it here:


I automatically turn on my recorder as soon as I enter a gig these days, and for once, I was rather glad I did…


Just Everything

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