No need to worry, now the day is done

Well, I’m back from another fine weekend of music, good company and mud at the tenth GreenMan.

It really chucked it down on the Friday and the site quickly became a bit of a mud bath in places. We’ve had three pretty good years previously, so I guess a wet one was due… I don’t like the rain, but can generally cope OK, but this was the first time I’ve actually left a festival early, regrettably missing all the Sunday acts (particularly disappointed to miss Of Montreal…).

We did our normal trick of packing the tent up Sunday morning ready for a quick midnight flit once the revelry was all over, but when we got to the car park at ten or so, it became obvious it was a case of leaving there and then or sleeping in the car and being pulled out of the mud by a tractor on the Monday. Being gentlemen of a certain age, we chose the former, and escaped slithering and skidding from the car park by the skin of our teeth, aided by a group of energetic and noble stewards and assorted other mudlarks. It wasn’t pretty (and neither were we by the end), but I was glad to be away (as I write, I’m getting tweets from people still marooned in the mud…).

Still, getting there by midday Thursday, I felt we got an almost full complement of festival fun – drink was taken, pies were eaten and music was all over as ever. I got some pretty good recordings and I’ll try to get the best bits up in better fashion than last year…

Field Music

I love Field Music. I love Field Music more every time I see them. From their humble, good natured attitudes though their jumpy, complex rhythms to their well-fashioned, clever lyrics – I love them beyond reason.

They played a terrific set, covering a lot of Plumb but also touching on each of the other records and some School of Language stuff to an enthusiastic tent of punters.

I’m still impressed at the way the Brewis brothers switch drumming, guitar and vocal duties between songs, none of which seemed to interrupt the flow of an effervescent, and at times, funky set. It may have been the best performance of my weekend (although there’s another candidate for that, which I’ll come to soon). They seemed to enjoy the atmosphere in the Far Out tent too and made a point of thanking everyone via Twitter, claiming that it was their best festival experience ever. Good lads…

I’ve got some decent recordings, too:

Who’ll pay the bills?

(I’ve been thinking about) A New Thing

Them That Do Nothing

Rockist pt1

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