It comes on strong, waits till I’ve gone…

Genuinely can’t decide about this month’s Hot New Act, TOY. Lots of people talking about them, of course, and their record  has just come out to some sort of fanfare all around…


I’ve seen them play twice this summer and both times were pretty exhilarating affairs, lots of sonic boom and feeding back, liberal amounts of dry ice, great look and all the rest…

The record has its moments… not quite as good as I hoped, not quite as “murky” really; and nowhere near as good as their live performances. I like the mumbled vocals and repetitive rhythm guitar assault. I really like the reedy, Joe Meek-style organ that niggles away through a good few of the tracks. Not so keen on the tone (or tonelessness) of the feller’s voice when it does come through or the slower more ponderous tracks that wind the record down.

Guess it all comes down to whether you associate them with My Bloody Valentine (in which case they’re shamelessly derivative) or whether you listen to them with a psychedelic (or even motorik) helmet on, in which case, they’re bang on…

Here are a couple of tracks recorded over the summer, one at each festival (the two sets were pretty much identical btw…)

Motoring @ Green Man

Strange @ End of the Road

And here’s some video I shot of TOY at Green Man doing “Dead & Gone”:

I’m going for the drones of the Seventies….

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