You won’t learn to walk, but you’ll dive into the deepest rivers…

I’ve spent a lot of the weekend bumming around Bandcamp, looking for unnoticed gems and generally losing myself. I’ve not really bothered before, thought it might be a bit of a waste of time, but I’ve been genuinely surprised how much good music there is available there.

Bandcamp is a bit like Myspace used to be like when I first started the Blog (before it went over all Facebook) – lots of interesting music, (some of it free) all linkable, and even a chance to buy direct from artist. (Take that, HMV!)


Here’s some lovely stuff from Philadelphia in the shape of ethereal, experimental duo, Eskimeaux who do a really nice line in measured, drawn out and thoughtful songs, decorated elaborately with … noises. Their current record, Eskimeaux, is available for $5, half of which goes to Philadelphia food banks, but a previous record, I am a Spiral, is free to download. It features dreamy, slightly off-kilter, Cocorosie-ish folk songs punctuated by combinations of feedback effects, banjo riffs, harmonium and even some ukulele. Class!

Have a listen to this from Eskimeaux – “Unititled”:

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