Completing the Circle

I am feeling inordinately pleased with myself at the moment – I have some beautiful music cascading through my headphones and the feeling that I’ve somehow completed the circle. (Probably should add, in the interests of unflinching journalistic accuracy, that I have a large glass of red at my side as well…)

Not sure if you’ll remember (why would you?) my post about the new Welsh music in August loosely based on a few acts I saw at Green Man this year. Well, one of the thing that made me chuckle over the weekend, was the way that H Hawkline, Cate le Bon and Sweet Baboo all played in each others’ backing bands for their various slots over the three days; a stirring gesture of harmony that I rather appreciated. I remember wondering at the time whether the drummer had a band too…

Silly me, of course he does. (Turns out he’s quite good too…)

R Seiliog

Yup! The aforementioned drummer with Hawkline et al, calls himself R Seiliog and has just put out his first EP on Peski Records called Shuffles.  But quite apart from the pleasing symmetry of all this, it turns out that the record’s an absolute stonker.

Someone asked my opinion of the current wave of Welsh artists recently and I got thinking about their similarities and influences, which broadly follow similar goofy, psychedelic paths. If you wanted to be unkind (and I don’t), by now there’s a certain template you can follow – sixties-influences, Welsh-speaking, willing to be experimental, disarmingly casual, shambling almost…

I don’t think R Seiliog got the memo about new Welsh music, either that or maybe he just chose to ignore it. No Welsh language here, (no language at all, in fact), no acoustic Green Man-type instruments, no DIY keyboard sounds… Shuffles is all playful electronic noodling, bizarre loops, oscillations and tinklings, mischievous buzz and hum. (One of the Blogs I read, referred to “kosmische rhythms” – wish I’d thought of that…). To use my favourite word of the summer, it’s all about the mo-to-rik… and to use my favourite band of the summer, it’s all a bit Yeti Lane.

Honestly, you’re gonna love it!

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