Ravi Shankar

You’ll have heard today that Ravi Shankar has died aged 92.

Can’t claim to be any sort of a fan of his and have never really bothered to spend much time listening to his music, but a friend of mine pointed me towards this… wonderful…video.

It’s spellbinding stuff which actually made me late for work this morning – I literally could not tear myself away from it.



Apart from the playing, it’s a great video in itself, a bit like the Band diary video I linked too in the summer, with some great shots of hippies and assorted Monterey revellers gingerly rousing themselves and making their way over to the main stage. And then the main performance footage also has some great shots of a mesmerised public, (Hendrix and Mickey Dolenz among them), and a compelling, longish take of Shankar’s foot beating insistently, to an entirely different time signature to everyone else. Fine stuff.

Fitting tribute, I reckon…


Many thanks to @Country_Steve for pointing me thisaway…

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