Elle est rouge et piquante



I’ve a feeling that as a responsible member of the Blogging community, I probably should be working on my End of the Year lists, beavering away at reviews and making sure I’ve not missed any 2012 classics that are going to come back and haunt me. I definitely shouldn’t be using up my last Emusic credits on new stuff like this…

The Limiñanas

The Limiñanas are French, and are the project of Lio and Marie  Limiñana . They’re also another band in an exclusive line of acts whose PP Instant Classic credentials are so impeccable that I can only presume that they’ve spent many long nights studying these pages.

Reedy sixties organs fight it out with feisty banjos and mighty fuzz tone guitars in a feast of all that is good and right, before respectfully making way for breathy Gallic vocals. In fact, the special, charming something that floats from every shuddering, fuzzy chord, is that the Limiñanas are really very French indeed. Not your studied, gitanes-infused cool, but more your quirky Serge Gainsbourg / Melodie Nelson goofiness. And maybe a little erotic too…

The band’s second album, Crystal Anis, has been belting out from the car speakers all week, and I guess I’m going to tire of it soon. It’s not got a 2012 Classic quality, and won’t be featuring in many end of year lists, I’m imagining, but right now for this week, and probably the next, I’m finding it damn irresistible. There’s a first, self-titled record to track down as well, and if the YouTube clips are reliable, that’s pretty good too.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Longanisse, not a proper video, I’m afraid…


And, I know this is going to make the Liminañas look like pale copy-cats, but I’m powerless to resist this…

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