Oh brother, I’ve got this whole Welsh scene thing wrapped round my neck…

Got a message from my mate Arth the other day politely saying as much, and this evening I’ve had another one from a feller called John White (again very polite) who actually did the drumming on the Fist of the First Man release, but who’s not played with Hawkline or Cate le Bon. Shall we just establish that I clearly am not the master of my subject, I’d be better off not making any more confident statements about Welsh music and that it’s all Very Complicated…

John also said he’d be doing a one-off gig with Cymbient, this Thursday at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, and in the light of my cack-handedness, I thought the least I can do is give it a mention.

Cymbient are band I’ve been meaning to follow up for a while, and as they have a record due out in March on Folkwit Records it gives me a good three months to get my shit together…

In the meantime, this rather fine tune has surfaced


[BTW a cursory fumble around online reveals that Cymbient are led by a guy called Andy Fung, who has apparently drummed with Cate le Bon, but let’s not go there…]

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