I’ve Never Been So Sure

ImageI’m off to see Anais Mitchell tomorrow night, and am every much looking forward to it, but it’s reminded me that I still have some lovely Richard Hawley recordings from last week to put up.

It seems a while ago now, and the world has moved on apace, but last Wednesday’s evening at Colston Hall in the company of one of our favourite songwriters was a really ejoyable one.

Richard Hawley

Coles Corner in our house is, and will forever be, The Christmas Album, our go-to record for hunkering down and feeling comfy; and we’ve not deviated from it at all. But recently we’ve tried to branch out a little and Trulove’s Gutter has also been getting extensive playing in the car.

Arriving at Colston Hall, though, we went straight to the merch stall and plunged in (passing up the opportunity to buy from the extensive Hawley range of boiled sweets and gentlemen’s relishes), buying the new one, and getting the perfect introduction to it for the rest of the evening.

With his regular band and travelling companions, Hawley gave us a really warm show, with plenty of between song chat (he seems like a lovely bloke) and a genuine fondness for his songs and the business of performing them. Looking back on it, there wasn’t so much from “The Christmas Album”, but it didn’t really matter and for me there was a growing realisation that, good though Coles Corner is, there’s an awful lot more to the songs of Richard Hawley.

In fact his performance of the “new” material was so good that hearing them on the car stereo the next day was almost a disappointment to me. I’m growing to like the record very much but it doesn’t quite carry the power and affection of his live effort.

I recorded the show, and it’s come out OK (I always like the sound at Colston Hall) but unfortunately it sounds a little far back, my fault, taking the opportunity as I did to sit for most of the show, rather than stand near the front. Still worth a listen, mind…

Open Up the Door

Standing on the Sky’s Edge

Soldier On

There’s also this video, shot from the upper tier, I’d guess, that’s turned up on YouTube: