I’ve got some things to do, some proper things to do…

Hebronix-UnrealWent to see Low in Bristol, a couple of weeks ago now.

I’ve not written anything about the evening because I can’t say I really enjoyed it to be honest.  I thought they were a bit one-paced and I knew fairly quickly I was going to get bored… I was definitely in a minority, mind, they went down very well with everyone else, and were generally given a massive response from the Trinity punters.

I do have some recordings, though, which I’ll maybe put up some time if people are interested. When I was looking through them, however, I found these from the support…


Hebronix are actually one bloke, it turns out, a feller called Daniel Blumberg, who until fairly recently was in Yuck. I’m afraid Yuck are just another band I missed, really, though there’s no value judgement attached to that. I’m prepared to believe they were/are (I really should find out…) a fine band and certainly some nice stuff has been written about them.

One man and his guitar always sets the alarm bells ringing in this vinegary old mind of mine, but straight away it became obvious that the man also has a loop pedal and is not averse to the odd fiddle with it.

Now, even  the most inattentive, casual reader of this Blog will have hopefully picked up that I am a bit of a sap for funny effects and novelty sounds in a song, and there was more than enough of both, lavishly plastered all over Blumberg’s handful of songs during his half hour set, to keep this sweet-toothed fool happy. Actually that’s a bit misleading – there were real songs in there too, and at times even I began to feel that maybe a little less noodling might’ve been a good thing.

No matter, it was a good set, but why take my word for it? (Credit, Max Eboy)

Mindful of failing batteries, and unaware of how uninspiring Low were going to be, I only recorded a couple of songs, which is a shame, although both were 10-minute meanders. The first recording is the Hebronix single – Unreal – but the second track I got is a real doo-zie , even better than the first. Unfortunately (and this bugs me beyond all reason, believe me) I just cannot find out the name of the track. Maybe some one will drop me a line…


Unknown Track

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