Once when we were dreaming, I learnt to spell your name in the stones…

766f81b0ac9739cd7f2839b7bd4a6202Stunning night at the Exchange in Bristol yesterday…


I’ve been looking forward to this gig for a while now. And, I’m thankful to say, there was no disappointment at all. I’ve got very high hopes for these boys…

First saw Suuns at Green Man a couple of summers ago and was, very, very impressed by them. I loved the way they spent most of the set shrouded in dry ice and veiled in distorted feedback. I was (am, still) a chump for the way you couldn’t hear any of the lyrics and the fact that parts you could make out were pretty inarticulate still… It’s kinda what young bands should sound like, I reckon.

Zeroes QC is a brilliant record, my favourite of that year, and the new one, I’m glad to say, has done nothing to smooth out the creases or make things any easier for the listener. (I still can’t make out a word of it…)

Taking the tiny stage (The Exchange is a really small venue) after an earnest but average performance by fellow Canadians, Valleys, Suuns continue to be thrilling, awkward, loud and menacing. A bare minimum of stage “banter” (I approve), lots of experimental noise, some genuinely sinister, rasping (and of course unintelligible) vocals, and all of it underpinned by those bassy, unrelenting rhythms. It’s an ideal cocktail, as far as I’m concerned, and I know people mention Clinic a lot, but I really can’t hear anyone else is doing anything similar. They pounded through a good selection of tracks from Images du Futur, and fitted in muscular versions of Arena and Pie IX from the first record, all of which made a small, sweaty venue seem smaller and, well, sweatier…

Don’t you just love modern music? If I were a younger man I think I could go seriously overboard on this lot – follow them around the country, offer to hold their towels and tune their guitars, and generally lose all sense of proportion and dignity in the name of the band. As it is, I’ll have to settle for drooling from my keyboard and acting like a swivel-eyed loon from the floors of tiny West Country clubs…

A great, great set, and some pretty fair recordings, including the third version of Arena to grace these pages… Wah!!!!




Oh, and I met Big Jef…!

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  1. richardp1975
    May 19, 2013 @ 16:44:31

    Good piece Andrew. They were brilliant last night weren’t they? I was almost glad the stupidly early curfew meant that we were robbed of an encore. I left genuinely wanting more, which is unusual. My best gig of the year so far and for under a tenner. Can’t be bad.


    • partlyporpoise
      May 19, 2013 @ 16:59:33

      Terrific, wasn’t it? Was half expecting to be disappointed, I’ve built them up to ridiculous proportions in my head. Always good to see a band really delivering!


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