Let me go… save my soul…

Triptides+20_24Was just using up some downloads on Emusic the other day and I came across this lot…


Triptides are three guys from Bloomington, Indiana who apparently began life as the bedroom project of guitarist Glen Brigman. They have a laudable obsession with trebly surf and syrupy psychedelia which could almost make them bespoke PP fodder. I love them already…

What I find particularly charming about this is that I think Indiana is a landlocked state, only having access to freshwater lakes and rivers. Call me a purist, but I don’t think the surfing can be all that good then, no beaches, no riptides, no goofy foot – it’s a … a surfing state of mind

Triptides brought out Sun Pavilion last year, which is the record I found on Emusic, and is bumper full of jangly rhythms, shrill harmonies and loads of reverb. It’s a beguiling listen for sure, with Summer Festival written all over it. There’s even a liberal and unashamed use of backwards-guitar loops on this track, here. Great stuff!


As well as their official debut, Sun Pavilion, there are also three or four other home-produced albums and EPs which are available from their Bandcamp page, as well as a few freebies on Soundcloud.

You can stream the whole record actually, and I heartily recommend at least giving track 6, Overboard, a spin…

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