When I hear pitter-patter…

Hollies1This is a poor excuse for a post, I know, but I’ve really not had a lot of time recently. August beckons though…

It would be accurate to say, however, that July has seen something of a Hollies frenzy around the scorched streets of Gloucester as I saunter about the ol’ city earning my crust.

To be honest, I’ve only recently overcome initial reticence to give the Hollies a fair listen, I think because all they ever did was write great lightweight pop songs and never got all “serious”. I’m regretting the lost time now, though…

Last week, I bought Evolution, apparently released on the same day as Sgt Pepper and complete with obligatory (if somewhat awkward and ill-fitting) trippy cover art. But that’s just about where the resemblance ends. Only the most gentle experimentation going on here, nothing over four minutes, not much to upset conservative audiences or win plaudits with the Underground movement, instead the guys just carried on doing what they did –  producing tight, quality pop songs, beautifully decorated with close harmonies and continuing to capture tender moments of fleeting anguish.

Listen to this (sorry no video with it…)


And then watch this. Tony Hicks gets a special mention for being the feller giving it some on the banjo, this presumably after Graham Nash had jumped ship for LaurelCanyon.

Fabulous stuff…

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