Rotan las estrellas y suena tambo…

Cumbia Soundway(OK, that’s a best guess…)

I feel that life is passing me by… No Green Man this year (best weather ever…). No End of the Road. A gaggle of pals at Psychfest. Nothing to post on this Blog…

Ho Hum

Actually, one of the reasons I’ve not posted anything for … oh absolutely ages, is that I continue to be enchanted by the sounds of Cumbia. And you can’t keep posting YouTube links to Peruvian songs from the past… You’d’ve thought, wouldn’t you?

I’m currently wading neck-high through the Amazonian currents of Soundway’s 55-track (yes…!) compilation, put together by dance producer Will “Quantic” Holland, which is rather grandly titled “The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948 – 79”.

It’s fabulous, much more traditional than the previous Chicha records I’ve been enjoying, and conspicuously unsullied by the wah wah…

I had hoped to link to a mix Soundway have posted on Soundcloud, but the site is particularly obstinate (is it just me?), so until Soundcloud sort themselves out, this’ll have to do…

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