I’ve got a trouble in mind…

las-piranas-toma-tu-jabon-kapax{Tenuous link coming up…)

In an attempt to divert me from the galumphing rhythms of Latin America and generally wean me off the Chicha (so to speak) this post is going to  group two bands together who have pretty much nothing to unite them, apart from a common tilde…

Los Pirañas

Surely the most dissonant noise I’ve heard in a fair while, and there’s certainly nothing like it in the rest of South America. Los Pirañas are a sort of scrap yard assembly of Colombian musicians who take basic Cumbia and other Latin styles and pass it through a sort of post-punk mincer.

It’s all quite a resolutely abnormal listen. If I was a musician, I’d be able to pick out all the clever things they’re doing but all I can say is that to these non-muso ears it sounds as if they’ve taken fairly straight forward Latin melodies and shifted each note one-up and one-across. It’s odd, weirdly compelling fare but definitely worth a good old listen (and perhaps an awkward shuffle around the kitchen to).

The bass is chipper, sprightly stuff, the guitars discordant and mutated further through various phasers and laptops, but the real star of the show is the relentless and relentlessly inventive rhythms of Pedro Ojeda on drums.

Great stuff…



The album, Toma Tu Jabón Kapax, is absolutely wild and all the more notable for the fact that it appears to have been recorded live.



LP_Jacket_11073[I don’t often mention my other great enthusiasm on these pages, but last Saturday saw Gloucester Rugby narrowly edging out Perpignan in the Heineken Cup in a tense affair at the ‘Holm. In the pub afterwards I got to musing about the only other thing I know about the French Catalans…]


I’ve written about Perpignan’s finest before (Crystal Anis is a great little record), but someone on Twitter (I forget who, sorry!) pointed me towards a WFMU session recorded in 2011 but available for download on the Free Music Archive, here.

I’m still listening to it at the moment, but there’s very little crossover between these ten songs and the Crystal Anis album, although it has all the same reedy organ sounds and tambourine-driven Bonny & Clyde reference points that made me like them so much in the first place (plus a version of I’m Dead with lyrics…). It’s a very handy stop over until the new album comes out (next month, I think I read?)

I’ve a feeling that if I was a little more skilful with WordPress, I’d be able to embed the player for the tracks here. I’m not, so I can’t. You’ll have to go along to the link above and grab it yourself.

And why wouldn’t you?

Here’s Trouble in Mind…

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