Come in from outside…

avatars-000011886999-hni74c-t500x500I’ve been listening to far too many clunky Latin rhythms lately – I need to hear some white boys playing guitars and stuff…

Fortunately, my friend Lee has come to my rescue on that count, sending me a bunch of CDs wrapped in a post-it saying “try these…” These are the sort of friends a feller needs.

Soft Walls

Soft Walls are a side-project of Cold Pumas’ member, Dan Reeves. Nope, I’d never heard of any of them either – but this is probably something I need to sort out pretty soon. Both bands apparently played good sets at Liverpool Psychfest a couple of weeks ago, though I’d not really think of them as straight psyche acts, myself.

Their self-titled record is at times a bit of low-key, hypnotic affair, full of “found sounds”, bashed chords and shimmering, echo-ey vocals that are hard to penetrate at times. It reminded me of those Atlas Sounds records and even the Johnny Trunk tracks in that Reeves is clearly not afraid to repeat himself. But in other parts, there’s some pretty basic krautrock influences there. To be honest I enjoyed it more than the Cold Pumas’ record.

Soft Walls’ SoundCloud page includes this little review from Suplex Cassettes (nope, nor me – I seem to spend more and more time stumbling around in the dark these days…), which I think catches the mood nicely:

“The Soft Walls dissolves and swelters like the end of the century dance parties past, present and future. Repetition is aligned with invention and experimentation, and The Soft Walls is the amorphous release of a wandering mind, settling into its own cranium. Dense grooves coat the magnetic tape that delivers them, whilst motorik drum machines sit in primal death-rhythms.” 

It’s available here, at Bandcamp, (also on Emusic too), but by the miracle of SoundCloud, we can listen to some of it here:

[I’m off now to sort out a chichi mixtape for Lee…]

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