Nine to five and five to nine, clocking in and doing some time…

0000074336_20Had a little nose around the Suplex Cassettes site that I mentioned in my last sally forth, and the first people I came across were this bunch of loveable urchins – California lo-fi punks the Cigarette Bums.

The Cigarette Bums

(Actually I spent the first couple of days thinking they were “the Cigarette Burns” – that’s not a Google Images search you want to spend a lot of time on…)

The Cigarette Bums describe themselves as “latchkey garage punks”, which I’ll go with, there being a certain lost, fending-for-ourselves tone to their tight, garagey sound. Despite my recent penchant for Latin sounds, I’m still (and I suspect will always be) a sucker for the twangy, fuzzy sounds of the sixties, and a gaggle of young lads thrashing away at two or three chords insistently will always do it for me.

And, well, this is pretty much what the Cigarette Bums do, simple as that. Here’s a tour video which is slightly self-consciously “madcap” but it’s worth a watch…

They also have a Bandcamp page where you can download an EP called Holy Smokes, which is a doozie (in the boys own words), but there’s also a load of stuff on SoundCloud, including a bunch of live recordings, which is really how you want to hear a band like the Cigarette Bums, no?

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