We’ve all got pretty sick of each other…

02_vfA friend of mine sends me packs of CDs (I think I mentioned). This is of course A Good Thing, and is particularly exciting when the disks have various bands and albums you’ve never heard of scribbled on them. It’s a fine thing to be sent music you didn’t know you needed.

One of the records, this time, had the words “Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo Vision Fortune” scribbled on it…

Vision Fortune

Turns out Vision Fortune are not Spanish or even Latin American (so all of you Chicha-weary punters can come out from under the sofa), but are in fact a South London drone trio which generally isn’t really my sort of thing. Coupled with an oft-quoted press release (“We want to cause confusion…”), it all sounds rather unpromising.

But actually, once you get drawn into “Mas Fiestas…” released earlier this year, it’s all rather more interesting. Vision Fortune are one of those bands that clearly aren’t too fussed about being understood or most of the time even heard that clearly. It’s all fuzzy distortion, VU-style repetition and downbeat atmospherics, occasionally punctuated by hard-to-catch mumblings. I like inarticulacy in a band!

This is a great video…


There’s quite a good interview with them in The Quietus which tells you what you need to know, and another more recent one,  my favourite part of which mentions the fact that they’ve recently fallen out with each other over “Mas Fiestas…” and have only just stared speaking again. Much as I wish them well, I kinda like this…

There’s also a load of stuff to explore on their SoundCloud page too:

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