TSDOSmirror-200x300Probably no Green Man or End of the Road for me this year, but I have “splashed out” on a ticket for Liverpool Psychfest this September, mainly because last year’s line-up looked so brilliant, and so many of my buddies went last year, immediately buying up return tickets for this year. There’s also the added bonus that I’m unlikely to be staring miserably at the rain from the entrance of a poorly-erected tent…

The Psychfest twitter feed is also proving to be an invaluable source of new bands to chase up…

The Sudden Death of Stars

Sudden Death of Stars are a French group who’ve just released their first rekkid on Ample Play Records. It’s called Getting Up Going Down and I’m really enjoying it. Sounds a bit like the Byrds or the Elevators at times, and at others a bit shoe-gazey. Whereas the Elevators’ signature sound was the quirky sound of the electric jug, someone within SDoS clearly plays the sitar, and is reluctant to set it down. To be fair, it’s not so much Eastern mysticism as plinking-plonking mail-train rhythm sitar. You’ll either love it…

You can read more about them at the Ample Play site, and there’s an interview with them here but I’m particularly hoping their inclusion in the Psychfest 2014 Congregation tweets means that I’ll be seeing them in September.

A bit of talk about a French band and Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, gives me an excuse to mention the Limiñanas, whose new record Costa Brava I’ve also been listening to this week. It’s another squeaker, with all the same VU / Melodie Nelson references as the first, in fact they’ve managed to sound even more Limiñana than last time…

Here they are at last year’s Psychfest.

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