Master Sleeps

5340Apart from the ongoing Cumbia and Latin psych obsession (yeah, that’s still going on, I just sensed I was boring you….), one of my chief sources of new music continues to be the Liverpool Psychfest Twitter feed. There’s going to be a lot of this, come September…


Not to be confused with fellow label mates White Hills (pah! As if…), Hills are a fuzzed up psych-rock outfit from Gothenburg with an ear and a right foot for a bit of a groove, in a Can sort of way. The record I’ve just downloaded from Emusic, Master Sleeps, was originally released in 2011 (although I certainly missed it) and has now just been re-released on Rocket Recordings. It’s a dense, magnetic affair with more than a hint of Ripley Johnson in it, as gothic fuzzy guitars weave in and out of each other and combine with organs and bass to create a something of a dark psychedelic tapestry (if you will).

Hills are apparently good buddies with the only other Swedish wah-wah band you’ve heard of – those wild, be-masked Goat fellers who’ve been taking these shores by storm (peaking with a mention on these very pages). I think they’ve shared the bill a good few times too – now there’s a rider I’d like to see…

Here’s Bring Me Sand from Master Sleeps, which pretty much tells you what you need to know about Hills – harmonium drones, ragas, echoing krautrock. It’s all good…

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