Don’t you ever, ever forget it…

Witching-Waves-Pic-VPME-600x433Don’t seem to be getting much time for new stuff, these days. But these guys seem worthy of a mention…

Witching Waves

Probably time to get something crude and trashy going on these pages.

And Witching Waves, an abrasive, bored-sounding two piece currently gigging around London, fit the bill pretty well. Emma Wigham and Mark Jasper are a drums/guitar combo with no apparent use for the spineless subtleties of keyboard or bass (or, if the videos are representative, even cymbals) but they can certainly club out a tune with some guts.

There’s a formless attraction to hearing someone bashing a series of trebly, finger-shredding chords out of an electric guitar. And nine times out of ten, it still makes me stop what I’m doing and start that dumb head-nodding thing you do at gigs.

Not a lot of biog information around about Witching Waves (I’m OK with that too…), but they do have Tumblr, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp pages where you can listen to various demos and previous releases. They are also apparently in the process of releasing “Concrete / Chain of Command”, an ultra-rare, wilfully obscure 100-only cassette single (which you can also download, thankfully) on Scottish label Soft Power Records. Have a listen and tell me you didn’t drift off at some point and start nodding gormlessly with me…

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