Fuera de aquí

0001969555_10The Lord giveth, and the Lord apparently taketh away.


I’m just hearing that White Denim’s Bristol date, a gig I’ve been looking forward to for far too long now, has been rescheduled from Tuesday 20th May to the 27th. The main problem with this is that the White Denim ticket pinned to my noticeboard has been sharing pride of place with a gleaming plane ticket to Madrid with 26th May written on it…

(You’ll understand, I hope, that this is a metaphorical ticket I’m talking about here – indeed, it’s a metaphorical noticeboard these days – and even I’m not daft enough to keep plane tickets on a metaphorical noticeboard.)

But anyway, yes, we’re off to Spain again, Madrid and Valencia this time, and as well as furiously boning up on my Spanish, I thought this time I’d do a bit of homework on Spanish indie. Consequently, I’ve spent this month’s Emusic allowance exclusively on records from Spain, and it turns out that’s not quite the act of folly that it sounds…


Terrier are a boy-girl-boy-girl ensemble based in Madrid who have a record out on the Sonido Muchacho label of the same city, called Un Cadáver en el Mar. It’s a good old sixties twang-and-thrash affair which reminds me a lot of the Limiñanas records I was plugging last year. I can’t find anything in English about them and try as I might I can’t get much sense out of the Spanish music press sites (insert your own NME-related joke here…) so they’ll have to remain shrouded in a certain amount of old-fashioned mystery. I’m OK with that…

Here’s a clip of a track which is not on their new record but was apparently the lead track of a 2012 ep. It’s called Fuera de Aquí (Away from Here) and you can picture me with it blasting out of my footballer-sized headphones as I board a plane for sunnier times…

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