Energetic and sincere, addictive and accessible…

vicente pratsI’m going to talk about Spain again, which seems a bit ridiculous – it’s over a month ago that we were there – but work has barged in again and, gosh darn!, I’ve done almost no posts about it. What’s the matter with me?

In fact, it was almost a month later before I picked this record off the shelf and ripped it to my laptop. Criminal, really…

Vicente Prats

Came across this record on the Discos Amsterdam website, as it featured heavily on one of the 39 Sonidos de Juan Victorio podcasts which the owner of the shop does periodically (and which are worth a listen, I should add…).

I’m now not clear whether the gentleman I met in the shop in Valencia was actually Juan (he said he was) but at any rate, when I asked about the Vicente Prats record both he and his lady friend became very enthusiastic (far more so than my cack-handed Spanish could cope with…).

Vicente Prats is a Valencia-based singer and band leader who clearly has a strong connection with earthy, powerful pop songs – songs that display old-fashioned pop sentimentalities, unashamed, unrepentant.

Interviewed, here, for Efe Eme magazine, he wears his heart well and truly on his sleeve:

“I make pop songs that are energetic and sincere, addictive and accessible, just as pop has always been. Songs that you can sing and hum along to, that will remain with the listener.”

Here they are playing Tiempo Perido on YouTube:


The record I bought in Valencia is his self-titled debut, released officially this year, I think, but actually written and recorded at home five or six years earlier. And it’s a lovely, rich collection of eight songs. Reviews of it make mention of the Byrds, Big Star and Los Brincos (need to look that one up), but unsurprisingly the strongest influence that comes through is from everyone’s favourite band, Teenage Fanclub. Now the line between “influenced by” and “blatant copyist” is a little bit in the eye of the beho¡der. I just don’t have a problem with bands sounding like one of my much-loved, pet sounds – there’s not been enough from them in recent years, in my book – but I suspect there’ll be those who hear this record and think that it’s just too close to the Fannies. Fair enough, but you’re missing out, my friends…


And by the way “Tiempo Perdido”, is currently free to download from Sr Prats’ Bandcamp page.


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