Green Man ’15

0ct15_219Well, I’m back from my seventh Green Man, having vowed never again to return to a swampy carpark a couple of years ago. And guess what? It rained…

I reckon I’ve probably used the “muddied but unbowed” line for at least three of my previous Green Man experiences, but I’m afraid it was again appropriate. For the second time in succession, we found ourselves skidding drunkenly out of a waterlogged carpark, rain teeming down all around us, a day early. I am not proud of this, but with the forecast particularly grim, it seemed sensible. Still, we had two good days of music (and a third pre-festival day of drinking) and as my friend said, we should look at both sides of the ledger…

I’ve started listening to the recordings and all things being equal there should be some good ones in the offing once I really get started. I saw some great sets from Sturgill Simpson, Alasdair Roberts, Teleman, Calexico, Slug, Strand of Oaks and Songhoy Blues, and allowing for a bit of drunken cack-handedness, blogger laziness and general fuckwittery, I should be able to get a good five or six belters online in the next week or so.

So here’s to the joys of Goan Fish curries, breakfast bars and Growler!

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