Ritmos Kraut!

r0MgvkgwIwNnIXGCA_UilZuJc-QE4yjPOin0YSz-BskGoing off all Hispanic again…


If Vainica Doble could be filed under “Spanish but Good”, Siesta! would go under “Good but Spanish” (entirely different), and are actually a new band, doing it now…

I’ve written about Siesta! before, here in fact, just before one of our Spanish jaunts, and I think I put them on my Secret Santa CD last year. They’re a Valenciano band with strong motoric tendencies, and have just released their second record, Fuerza de Gravidad Absoluta, on the ever-wonderful Sonido Muchacho label.

Their first record, Terroruterino, I liked a lot, but this one is even better. At just six tracks it might look a little thin, but with the first two of them over the 8-minute mark, and three of the other four being near five minutes, you certainly do get your money’s worth. Spanish press are describing the sound as being full of “ritmos kraut y pro-industriales” or (even better) “punk troglotrónico” which pretty much tells you what you need to know.

My favourite track, “Montador de Bicicletas” wanders back and forth for over ten minutes of electronic psych, as do other tracks on the record, taking in all sorts of spacy beats, synth jiggery-pokery and relentless German-infused hammering. If you’ve enjoyed any of the Mugstar releases of recent, or have the odd Hawkwind album buried on your hard-drive, you might just like this…

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