I’d do it all again for another crack at the hit parade. Oh what do you think?

wreckless-eric-650x400Lawks-a-mussy! A new record by this old rascal…

Such is the lack of interest in Wreckless Eric these days that I quite literally know not a single person who is likely to care in the slightest about a new Eric Goulden long player. But since I became aware in the nineties of his irregular trickle of eccentric and rather uneven albums, he’s become a bit of a furtive pleasure of mine.

Wreckless Eric

I think I wrote a while back about the Hitsville Houseband, but another favourite of mine was the 2008 joint release with wife Amy Rigby, all the old battered and kicked-about charm of old still very much to the fore. A post-punk version of the Johnny & June / Gram & Emmylou thing, if you will, all seen through the eyes of Tom Waits.

I was going to look for a YouTube clip from that record but came across something much better:


Wreckless Eric. The Flamin’ Groovies. What’s not to like?

Amy Rigby plays on the new record too, but AmERICa is more of a Wreckless Eric release than their previous joint release. I’ve only just bought it and given it a couple of listens today, but it’s going to be a lovely record. I’m already enjoying it.

And you can too! Yes, the whole thing is available for live streaming on his Bandcamp page. And if I can get it right…


He’s even touring now… Maybe it’s finally Eric’s time!

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